Our valves are designed and manufactured to be mounted between flanges DIN PN6, DIN PN10, ANSI 150 #, ANSI 300 #, JIS 5K AND JIS 10K. However, they can also be installed between  flanges of other standards, as long as the clearance of the disc and the inner diameter of the flange is guaranteed.
The inner diameter of the flanges must be larger than that part of the disc exceeding the body.


Before installation, clean the valves, the gaskets and the pipe flanges carefully. Check that the flanges are aligned and parallel. If there are any axial forces in the pipeline, such as thermal expansions, they must be compensated for, by using expansions joints whenever necessary.


Our valves are recommended to be installed in horizontal position because the self-cleanning action is ensured and because the weight of the valve disc is distributed over the bearings.
Taking this into consideration, the bottom half of the disc is recommended to be opened against the direction of the flow, when opening the valve.


Our valves must be centred in the flanges through the four centering holes situated in the body necks. Ensure that the disc can be turned through 90 degrees without touching the pipe flanges. Then, tighten the flange bolts in cross sequence, ensuring contact between the valve body, the gaskets and the pipe flanges. Torque all bolts.
The packing gland area must not be insulated.
Upon start up, the packing gland must be checked for tightness and retightness if necessary, to assure
the total tightness through the actuated shaft. Excessive tightness must be avoided, because this will increase the shaft friction and the loss of elasticity of the packing.


Inspection and retightening of the packing will become necessary from time to time, once the valves have been put into operation. Excessive tightening of the packing gland must be avoided.
Retighten the flange bolts after a long operation time.

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All our valves have a finishing process that consists of:
- Automatic Shotblasting.
- Cleaning of impurities and drying.
- Double layer of grey aluminium anticaloric paint for high temperature.



This is an aluminium paint for finishing, made to be used in surface painting works where heat is found. It is made basically of pure aluminium paste, properly selected, combined with an element whose main component is silicon resin.


specific weight: 0.98
colour: aluminium
brightness: metallic high
viscosity: Aprox. 20 seconds (Copa Ford nº 4)
solids in volume: 22 %
efficiency: theoretical:    10 m /litre
                  practical:        8 m /litre
drying time: to dust:  15 minutes
                    to the finger: 20/25 minutes
                    complete:       4 hours
                    re-paint:        24 hours
dry thickness per coat:  20/25 micra.


In those cases where there is no corrosion  problem, this aluminium paint can be used on metallic surfaces, previously cleaned. It can be used on hot surfaces. If the temperature of the substrat is higher than 60º C. / 80º C., this finishing anticaloric aluminium must be prepared before use.

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